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For Fertilizers:


BIOEST's experience in the field of liquid fertilizer production allows it to offer the following services: Formulation Design and Development; I.C.A. Formulation Registration; Liquid Fertilizer Manufacturing or the Manufacture for other companies; Storage and Dispatch.

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For Agrochemicals:


BIOEST has assembled a first class team with extensive experience in the field of Agrochemical manufacturing and design. Thanks to this we can provide the Design and Development of the following type of formulations in Agrochemicals: Suspensions, Emulsifiable Concentrates, Soluble Liquids, Microemulsions, Wettable Powders, Dusting Powders or DP and Aerosols. Just like the fertilizers, BIOEST provides for Agrochemicals the services of I.C.A. registration, storage, and nationwide dispatch.

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